The Birthday Party:!///*

Photos-Charles Stobart,  Stylist-Brooke Hilden,  Models-Ana and Dani
Hair and Makeup-Jack, Jemma Kidd Makeup
Here are some photos from a Fashion shoot i just finished with Charles Stobart, a brilliant, really nice Photography Student who was loves balloons almost as much as me!  The clothes are a mixture of found items, re made vintage, and random things i made for the shoot!  We were looking at trying to capture glimpses of that cheeky child thats inside everybody! 
We were kindly Sponsored by Jemma Kidd Makeup who sent us some amazing makeup to play with! Which was brilliant! xxx***


*.a little bit shifty.......

Found this really old picture of a shift dress we had to make in the first year! it was so much fun to play around with shifting the pattern onto different parts of the body! 
All in all works a bit stressful at the moment, have so much to do cant believe we have only got a week left!Thats why its good to reminisce about old times when projects were lovely and finished! x


The Birthday Party:!///*

Very exciting! After weeks of planning we are finally ready for are first photo-shoot! Get ready for many balloons, ribbon and a lot fun! These photos will be part of a serious included in the first addition of 'House" soon to be uploaded on the new House of Hilden website!x