***Backstage Luella SS10****

The show was fantastic! and so was the whole experience!!! managed to get some quick snaps of the backstage antics whilst hand sewing an emergency stage cage! Everyone had worked so hard the the collection looked fantastic! the Luella team is incredible and was so sad to say goodbye!!!but the third year awaits-aaahhhhhh!!!!xxx

***BAKE A CAKE...****

A Few weeks ago we were asked to help out for a Luella Bake sale, dedicated to the Macmillon Nurse fund. Everyone got busy baking and we ended up with one hell of a spread! But this was a Luella Bake sale- Complete with musically nicknamed treats! my favorites were Sarahs 'James Brownies,' the "Cream-Puff daddies" and not forgetting "Peter Audreys Mysterious Swirl" (or "Swirls aloud"-couldnt decided!) I had to decorate the affair and was pretty pleased with result! Everyone raised over £300 which as amazing!!!!xxxxxxx

****&%!!YES HILDENS!!%&***

Nothing like a lovely Holly Hilden Jumper to make you smile! Well Done Hilden! xxx